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We breed and raise registered Black Angus and commercial beef cattle in a pasture based farming approach: the natural way.


Our cattle are 100% grass fed - they eat field forage and hay, and any supplements (such as minerals) comply with the standards of the American Grass Fed Association.


We try to be good stewards of the land, improving the quality of our soils, giving back to nature instead of just taking, enhancing and  restoring, instead of depleting natural resources. We manage our pastures and hay fields combining conservation agriculture techniques with principles of regenerative agriculture in a holistic yet practical management approach, without being too religious about any of these.. We are  organic with one exception: we also vaccinate our animals against parasites, because we believe that provides for better animal welfare than letting nature take its course. We use a high density rotational grazing management program, with long rest periods,  and zero till seeding.


We manage our forest with selective harvesting to conserve and improve a diverse, mixed forest, which provides a healthy habitat for wildlife.


We sell both cattle and beef, to other farmers and ranchers, to restaurants, to the trade and to the public.









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