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We breed and raise both registered Black Angus and commercial cattle.


Our animals are grass fed - they eat all natural field forage: grass and legumes, such as timothy, clovers, orchard grass, rye, BMR, etc.) no corn, no grain, no processed feed. We do not give them weight enhancing drugs, and no routine antibiotics.


Our cattle graze on pastures that have not seen fertilizer in decades, some maybe never.


The animals typically spend not more than a day on the same temporary paddock before moving on to the next. And a pasture is left alone for 30-60 days, to rest the soil and allow for regrowth of forage. Most fields are used for both grazing and producing hay, and thus benefit from the same soil and forage improvement program. And our cattle have the same high quality nutrition in the winter, in the form of hay and balage, as they enjoy in the summer.


We are a BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) level 2 certified farm. While not (yet) certified or audited, we abide by the standards of the American Grass Fed Association and adhere to the Animal Welfare principles and standards of  organizations such as such as the Global Animal Partnership, the Humane Farm Animal Care organization and other, similar organizations, including this one, who prefers that their name is not mentioned. We also adhere, as much as we can, to the standards of the Vermont Organic Farmers Association.

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