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We continuously improve the quality of the pastures: the cattle go through them in a rotational grazing management program, enriching the soil with manure and aeration as they eat the forage. The animals typically spend a day on a temporary paddock before moving on to the next.


Our fields and pastures have not seen fertilizer in at least 40 years – and maybe never.


If needed, we mow inedible plant species after the fields have been grazed. To improve forage variety and enhance the microbiological diversity of our soils we over-seed the pastures with organic or NT seeds, using a no-till seeder. And in doing so, we minimize soil erosion, and maximize the use of “green fertilizer”.


When we produce more hay than we need for our own cattle, we sell it to other farmers, horse owners and the public. we also maintain, mow, re-seed and hay pastures and fields for others, in various arrangements.

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